Don't get Scammed!

COVID restrictions are making it dificult to pay bills and scammers are using the convenience of the internet to get your hard earned money.

Don't use instant payment apps like Zelle, a favorite of scammers to pay your bills.

Banks are making it too easy for scammers to use products like Zelle, by offering it as a payment option on their online banking sites.

Scammers love peer-to-peer products like Zelle because it is extremely convenient to send money quickly without verification.

If someone unknown to you requires you to use Zelle to make a payment, it probably is a scam.

Scammers are experts at manipulating by breaking down your resistance and convincing you that you are doing the right thing.

Subtle pressure like threats to turn off your electricity are used to force seniors to make quick decisions to use Zelle to pay the bill.

In most cases businesses and utilties like Con Edison do not use Zelle, but customers who are tricked into using the app don't know this.

Scammers are using products like Zelle because it is extremely difficult to recover your money after a payment is made.

Once paid the transaction cannot be easily reversed or verified that it went to the intended recipient.

Report scams to your bank and the Police as soon as possible.

Tell your bank to remove Zelle as a payment option on their online banking.

Contact your elected officials to make it safer by restricting instant payments.

Protect yourself and others from scammers by not using Zelle to pay all important bills.

Only use approved payment options, so you will not be a victim of scammers that use Zelle.